Why there is a need for a Bipap machine?

Bipap machine is used to treat a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. In this disorder person's breathing is disturbed during his/her sleep. According to the patient's condition doctor recommends him/her which type of equipment model he/she needs or do he/she needs BiPAP or CPAP. Bipap machines give relief to the patient by adjusting the intake and outward breathing pressure.

buy BiPAP machine online

Purchasing a BiPAP machine online can be a good option for you. As it saves much of your time visiting different shops and stores in search of the required product. By purchasing it online helps you to get the product delivered at your place without any extra cost. But you should be very careful while purchasing the Bipap machine online. Below are some important points discussed, that could help you to purchase top quality BiPAP machine online at the best price.

1- Market analysis

Market research is a very important thing before purchasing any item online or offline. Do some market research before you are going to buy a BiPAP machine online. Several sellers are distributors in the market, you need to compare the quality, brand, service, accessories, and price before you are making an online purchase. And pick the seller who is offering top quality products at the most affordable cost.

2- Always buy Branded Equipment

The second most important thing is that prefer to purchase online top brand items. Because top brand are permanent players in the market, maybe they charge a few pounds extra as compare to local items, but they guarantee the reliability and durability of the equipment. Apart from this, they have service centers at almost all locations, but picking a local item, can make it hard for you to find its service center. Also, top brand items provide good after-sale service to its clients. For example Philips, It is amongst leading brand for medical equipment, its equipment, and after-sale services are outstanding.

3- Which seller should I pick?

There are several BiPAP sellers in the market, but you need to pick that seller who is an authorized dealer of some top-quality brand. Purchasing a top quality brand helps you to get genuine items at an affordable cost as discussed earlier. SSB Medicare Pvt Ltd is an authorized dealer of Philips medical equipment. And channel partner of 3M, Johnson&Johnson, BD, BPL, B Braun, and Romsons. It deals in different medical equipment that incorporates the Cpap machine, Bipap machine, oxygen concentrator, ECG Machine, Patient monitor, surgical items, etc.

SSB Medical Pvt Ltd is an ideal store for medical and surgical items as it deals only with top brands. And by delivering quality medical products to its clients make SSB Medicare Pvt Ltd. standout among different medical sellers. Its engineers and technicians are trained by Philips, and available to you any time you need their help either in fixing any issue or in case you are facing any difficulty in operating it

Bipap Pro Biflex

Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) Auto with Bi-Flex Sleep Therapy system helps in positive airway pressure therapy. It emulates natural breathing through pressure relief, for an enhanced level of comfort.


Bipap Auto

Philips Respironics developed sleep treatment by introducing bi-level positive airway route constrain innovation to recuperate obstructive rest apnea disorder. Imitating normal breathing with pressure alleviation at exhalation and inward breath, this checked innovation accomplishes more than give profoundly successful treatment – it conveys a degree of solace that can mean the distinction among consistence and rebelliousness for patients experiencing issues adjusting to customary CPAP treatment.


Bipap ST

Lined up with a similar platform as our System One sleep treatment innovation, the Philips Respironics BiPAP ST Non-Invasive ventilator offers a direct UI and incorporated heated humidification for simple management and setup.


Bipap Avaps

The Philips Respironics BiPAP AVAPS Non-Invasive ventilator is a piece of the general System One sleep treatment technology. The gadget gives the solace of pressure ventilation and guaranteed flowing volume.



DreamStation positive airway route pressure (PAP) sleep treatment gadgets are intended to be as agreeable and simple to encounter as sleep is needed to be. Interfacing patients and care groups, DreamStation gadgets engage clients to grasp their consideration with certainty, and empower care groups to rehearse productive and successful patient management. This fixed pressure model joins C-Flex innovation to give ideal solace to the patient.


Dreamstation Bi-pap Auto

Philips Respironics developed sleep therapy by presenting bi-level positive airway pressure technology to heal obstructive sleep apnea disorder. Emulating natural breathing with pressure relief at exhalation and inhalation, this verified technology does more than provide highly effective therapy – it delivers a level of comfort that can mean the difference between compliance and noncompliance for patients having difficulty adapting to traditional CPAP therapy.


Dream Station st

Latest BiPAP ST Machine makes the patient's care effective and viable. The BiPAP ST offers more observing choices than any noninvasive machine available in the market, with the most network alternatives among driving ventilation brands. The DreamStation BiPAP ST incorporates the entirety of the incredible features you anticipate from a sleep treatment system including a wide range of pressure, understanding customizable ramp, programmed altitude change, information card, the most recent BiFlex comfort advances. Also the BiPAP S/T's bi-level treatment offers a high pressure on inward breath and low pressure on termination gives a more agreeable sleep than standard CPAP treatment. The BiPAP ST offers the additional security of a SPONTANEOUS TIMED Mode which will start a breath, after a set timeframe, if no patient breath is recognized.


Dreamstation avaps

Each patient experiencing chronic respiratory disorder has changing therapeutic needs. With DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS noninvasive ventilation solution, you have the ability to treat them that way. Utilizing clinically demonstrated treatment solutions, DreamStation noninvasive ventilators adjust to these changing patient needs, assisting with normalizing ventilation.


Dreamstation avaps AE

Normal volume-guaranteed pressure support AVAPS conveys modified patient care by naturally adjusting pressure to keep up a reliable flowing volume. AVAPS consequently acclimates to illness progressions and changing patient needs. It assists with keeping up ideal patient solace while supporting patient care and ventilation viability.


Dreamstation auto SV

For people suffering from central rest apnea disorder, periodic breating and complex Sleep Apnea , DreamStation BiPAP autoSV is intended to convey ideal ventilation with negligible intervention. Its clinically demonstrated calculation offers help when required, and works with quiet breathing examples to limit applied pressure, pressure backing and machine breaths - so your patients can encounter agreeable, soothing sleep.


Bipap A30

As per the needs and requirements of patients, the bi-level ventilator BiPAP A30 has been designed to combine ease-of-use with technical advancements that adapt to patient’s condition to deliver improved therapy. Natural performance for a smooth transition from hospital to home for chronic insufficiency respiratory patients.


Bipap A40

The AVAPS-AE entirely programmed ventilation mode, helps in performing long term therapy compliance.
IPAP/EPAP: 4 - 30 cm H2O / 4-25 cm H2O Ventilation modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T, AVAPS-AE, Target tidal volume: 200 - 1500 ML Breath rate: 0 - 40 bpm Rise time: 1(100ms) - 6 (600ms) Hybrid ventilation: AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) AVAPS rate: 0.5 to 5 cm H2O/min Inspiratory time: 0.5 to 3 sec Alarms: Patient disconnection, apnea, low minute ventilation, low tidal volume, high respiratory rate Monitoring: Pressure, tidal volume, minute ventilation, respiration rate, leak




Comfortgel Blue Full Face Cpap Mask

  • "Blue" Gel Technology Cushion
  • Exhalation Ports and Elbow
  • Forehead Adjustment and Pad
  • System One Resistance Control Number


Trueblue Nasal Gel Mask

It is an extraordinary gel mask solution perfect for active sleepers. TrueBlue's delicate gel pad sits on a one of a kind freestyle spring that changes consequently as you move during rest to keep up a steady, leak free seal. It delivers a good degree of stability, comfort and freedom to move with insignificant holes or adjustments.


Dreamwear Nasal Mask

The DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask - Fit Pack includes cushions in all sizes, so you won't have to carefully measure to find the size that works best for you. You can try them all to find the best fit for you. While the fit pack comes with cushions in multiple sizes, it includes a medium-sized frame only. It is best used for following:

  • Side Sleepers
  • Active sleepers
  • Claustrophobia


Nasal Comforgel Mask

Comfortable mask with gel technology is designed in a way to provide complete comfort to its user. The premium forehead padding provides an adjustable feature and the gel nasal cushion conforms more comfortably to the skin, avoiding painful pressure points and minimal air leaks. An angled exhalation valve directs air away from your sleeping partner through micro ports that reduce sound.


Disposable Performatrack Full Face Mask

The PerformaTrak full face mask makes use dual-density forehead pads for mask stability and patient comfort.


Wisp Nasal Mask

The Respironics Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask offers a comfortable and soft fit for sleep therapy needs


Dreamwear Headgear

The Headgear for DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask is the replacement headgear for use with the Dream wear Nasal mask.


Comfortgel Full Mask Cushion

BLUE Gel Full Face Cushions are designed for use with all ComfortGel BLUE Full-Face CPAP Masks. They can also be utilised with all ComfortGel ORIGINAL Full Face CPAP masks. This product includes both the "Blue" gel cushion and the clear silicone flap that snaps on top of the cushion. The ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask is available in 4 sizes. Each size has a specific sized frame. The size of the cushion must match the size of the frame to work properly.


Cpap Filter

It is very much important that your Cpap filters should be clean. Because clean filters can give you cleaner air. It is recommended to clean reusable filters every 6 months and fine filter every 30 days , Or when it becomes weary.


Cpap Hose Pipe 22mm

This 6ft Premium Standard CPAP Tubing is a universal tube that can be used with any Philips Respironics CPAP or BiPAP machine and/ or any mask on the market! CPAP tubing should be cleaned daily and replaced every 3-6 months or as needed.


Dreamstation Hose Pipe 15mm

The slim 15mm DreamStation CPAP tubing hose is a non-heated option and has 22mm rubber cuff ends that connect with all makes and models of the Philips Respironics brand of CPAP or BiPAP machines. The 22mm ends also connect with any style of CPAP mask the user decides to use.


Premium Headgear

It is designed to prevent over-stretching and is highly durable. There is no stitching to irritate skin and it will withstand repeated wash cycles without showing degradation, fraying, curling and shedding.


Wisp Fabric Frame

The Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask by Philips Respironics was created to offer solace and convenience while fitting a wide scope of clients. The first to offer alternatives in headgear materials, the Wisp ventures up to another degree of individual choice. Never losing site of the way that cover comfort advances fruitful treatment, the plan of the Wisp is lightweight with minimal facial contact.


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